Status: 3.12.2021

The volunteer help we provide on the Balkan route requires a lot of money. As activists we are completely self-financed, but we have to buy food and non-food items to a large extent.

In the past months we were supported by the foundation fund financially, which gave us a certain planning security. also in the coming year we will be active and need new funds.

Your donations should secure our activities for the upcoming months and at the same time flow into the urgently needed funds for the winter: Especially firewood and building materials are currently needed.

In order to create transparency about our donation situation, we would like to point out at the same time that a fundraising run last month by our comrades from the Kochkollektiv, in which donations for our work were also solicited, took place independently of our own planning.

To make it clear: The money that was collected there refunds money that was spent by mistake, which was actually meant for the legal process of a cleared forest occupation in Vaud this spring (to be read again here: /projekte/frachcollective).

We consider networking and solidarity as crucial values in our common struggles. At the same time, we appreciate your willingness to donate enormously and therefore always try to maintain clarity about our financial situation and the path of your funds. Thank you for your support!
Keep fighting!