While the Balkan route continues to be one of the main routes into the EU, the hotspots on it keep shifting from time to time. For years, thousands of people have been forced to use the long, dangerous escape routes across the Balkan Peninsula, as the community of EU states illegally denies them their right to asylum. Instead, people are criminalized and degraded during their flight.
Many people are currently trying again to reach EU member Hungary via Serbia. It has been known for a long time how brutal and unscrupulous Hungary is acting against this. But this does not stop the people. Nevertheless, the current situation means a high need for support in the north of Serbia. We try to support our local partners with donations from our stocks, which are less needed here. We have given several pallets of jackets, shoes, sweaters, hats and other clothing donations to Collective Aid and klikAktiv who are distributing them in Subotica. Thanks to Distribute Aid organising the transport.

The route is also moving in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, the central transit city for many People on the Move remains Sarajevo. There we support our Bosnian partners from Kompas 071 Sarajevo, who receive another part of our donations.

We think it is important to design our structures according to the needs of the People on the Move and especially to support local organizations and groups. These are - unlike many of us - always there and provide the support that has been needed for years. If we want to reflect on our work, this also means assessing our role appropriately: We have to support where there is a need. At the same time, we must not forget who is responsible for this situation, which has now lasted for many years. The nation states of the European Union. The right-wing nationalist election campaigns of EU politicians and parties. The racism in parts of society. This is what we have to fight against. For the freedom of movement for all.