Statement on changes in the past weeks.

The Jungle has changed. By now, only a handful of People on the Move are still stuck in this place. Fortunately, some have managed to reach an EU country after countless attempts, despite the extremely violent practices of the EU border regime. Others, like Amaan, lost their lives due to systematic repression on the flight. As we clean up the remains of the broken tents, we recall stories of people who invited us for tea one evening, left the next morning with the goal of walking to Italy, and two weeks later showed us their injuries inflicted by the Croatian police during their twentieth pushback.


The request from People on the Move for food and non-food items has become less and less in the last months, which on the one hand simplifies the supply situation and on the other hand increasingly stimulates us to question our role on the ground. It is important to us as a collective and as individuals to act in a way that we and the people we work with feel is appropriate in the situation. So for a few weeks now, in consultation with local and external organizations, we have significantly reduced our activities, handed over parts of our tasks to existing structures, and are working towards transporting a larger amount of clothing donations from our warehouse to a place where they are more urgently needed at the moment.

However, we have little reason to rejoice just because fewer people are currently stranded unintentionally in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Furthermore, countless people are embarking on life-threatening journeys on other routes due to a lack of legal escape routes, and the current developments at the EU's external borders are more than worrying. We will decide about the future of the collective in the coming months and until then we will continue to be active on the ground as long as it's needed.