What does the FUSION rocket have to do with support structures on the external European border?
For some years now, the Fusionfestival, based on the necessary strengthening of civilian sea rescue since 2013, has been offering actors working for freedom of movement a platform with the Harbour Space to talk about their work and to come into exchange with the interested audience.
There, initiatives that train and strengthen support structures for refugees and migrants globally and locally, as well as intersectionally include the concerns of queer communities, FLINTA*s and BIPOC initiatives, can also place political topics in the festival hype.
2022 we had the opportunity to talk about our work on the ground in Bihac together with filmmaker friends and to critically reflect on our own actions as a white primarily German privileged collective.
The Harbour Space is a small spot, like a pallet room: a small stage, a small bar with good coffee and waffles. That's it.
Somewhere in the background the bass is booming; this is where politically motivated people meet to inform, network and show the daily madness at the borders and the daily anti-capitalist struggles against racism, queerphobia and countries' migration policies. But it's not just about showing concern, it's also about inviting people to work together on common strategies.

Sometimes we ask ourselves: is this an alibi function between food stalls, hedonistic celebration culture and consumption? Nah, we think - they are by no means mutually exclusive. And so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity. This can be EVERYTHING with each other. Especially here we feel a great openness to our concerns, and the possibility to also endure this ambivalence.
The multitude of groups that have been running FUSION for over 20 years shows how much energy the festival is endowed with and people come, ask, want to face these contradictions.

The range of projects and collectives that present themselves here is large and diverse - from the Rollingsafe Space "ROSA" to small initiatives from Palestine or the Kurdish Center for Public Relations. There are panels on international capitalist business behind the borders or on solidarity struggles, for example Rapfugees.
Sitara Thalia Ambrosius and Ivan Furlan Cano, whose multimedia installation "Kandvala" ( ), is the result of several weeks of research in Bihac, will speak and impressively
demonstrate how the situation in the region around Bihac and Camp Lipa has been for refugees for several years and is.

Stuck in front of the European Union, deprived of any rights at the border with Croatia and whose life is more like "survival". The repressions to which they are subjected and how dangerous and how dangerous and arduous the path, the "game" is for them. But it also shows all the hope and strength that lies in the decision to set out on the path to a new life. to set out on the path to a freer future.
And we: Talk about the work of our small collective on the ground and the responsibility that comes with it, talk with the audience about our privileges and the possibility of being in solidarity with refugees without paternalism.
Our contribution will be rounded off by the reading of the book project GRENZENLOSE GEWALT - DER UNERKLÄRTE KRIEG DER EU GEGEN FLÜCHTENDE) by the collective mEUterei , a joint project of many actors who present in detail the systematic closure and violence of the Nobel Peace Prize winner European Union and thus take a clear position of accusation.

 #leavenoonebehind #fightfortresseurope