In 2022, more and more people on the move made their way to northern Serbia, hoping to cross the border with Hungary and continue further to Austria and Germany. “It’s the last game, just one more border”. But the Hungarian border is brutal and so are the living conditions for people on the move in northern Serbia.
In November, Frach collective supported Blindspots in a two-week action to build in stoves in informal shelters of people on the move along the border. Having a stove means people can heat rooms reducing negative health impacts of the cold and wet but also smoke from open fires indoors. Construction work in the squats also included closing up holes in the walls and building in provisional doors and windows. At the time, one squat would give shelter to up to 600 people, many of them stayed in flimsy tents outside the abandoned buildings. Check out our social media channels for more information about the situation at the Serbian-Hungarian border, the conditions in state-run camps and the impacts of border violence in the region.

Having a stove is great, but what’s it worth if all that’s left to fire it up is wet wood and plastic. Providing dry firewood is an essential support for people on the move spending the winter months in squats along the border. Frach collective together with Blindspots, Collective Aid and No Name Kitchen co-financed firewood throughout November 2022 until April 2023 which was then delivered to people on the move by our comrades directly supporting in the border area. Thanks to the generous donations of our friends and supporters we were able to raise 2776 euros which allowed frach to contribute a total of 4400 euros. THANK YOU!

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